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Welcome to West Hollywood Plumbing Service Center

If you’ve made it to our page there’s a good chance you need some plumbing services YouTube or a plunger cannot fix. That’s ok. We’re here to help provide you with an exceptional level of service so that you always feel comfortable with the services that we perform.

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Plumbing Service & Repair

Your plumbing keeps your home running. It helps to provide fresh water to your kitchen, or that warm relaxing bath after a long day in West Hollywood or anywhere in Los Angeles. The last thing you want to worry about is whether there’s a leak that painfully raises your water bill or improper water flows. There’s no need to google plumber near West Hollywood when you can simply have us saved for any future needs.

Drain Clearing

Whether it’s a garbage disposal, a toilet that wants to be a pool, or a bathtub that seems to take forever to drain, give us a call to help inspect the overall situation and perform an expert drainage service with our snakes and other equipment.
Sometimes life can get a bit clogged up, and you shouldn’t have to handle it. You may consider grabbing the Drano or other harsh chemicals and doing it yourself, but they actually could end up corroding the whole system, and you really aren’t sure what type of plumbing you have. We’ll make sure to treat your pipes with care whenever we perform our services.
While we’re cleaning the drain clog, we can quickly check if it’s a one-time issue (such as putting whole pieces of food down the garbage disposal) or if it’s a precursor for something bigger. While we do our best to be fast, we want to be thorough and do our best to do quick checks to ensure that there are no glaring issues.

Hydro Jetting

This is one of our best services to help keep your plumbing in great working conditions without being worried about breaking your pipes. Hydro Jetting is a noninvasive way to properly clean your pipes throughout the home, by removing that old dirt and debris that’s been piling up.
This is a great way to avoid using chemical cleaners, as well as reduce the times your piping gets clogged up. Always consider our expert plumbers to handle this job in West Hollywood, because if done improperly, it could start to affect the piping. There’s specialized training required so let us handle it for you.
We use specialized pressurized water equipment and techniques to gently remove the build-up in your piping. This can add years to an existing plumbing set, and save a lot on costs, as your overall plumbing efficiency will drastically improve. Think of us as your West Hollywood plumbing cleansers

Water Heaters

Had enough of those cold showers before your morning commute? Feel like you’re not able to properly wash dishes in your apartment or home? Gives us a call for your local West Hollywood water heater repairs and maintenance. We will come in, and expertly assess what the overall damage can be and do our best to fix everything the same day, so you can take that scalding hot shower and wipe the grime of Los Angeles traffic off of you.
New water heater installations can become quite costly but sometimes unavoidable after a certain amount of time. We make sure that we maximize the water heater lifecycle and always recommend an annual checkup just to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Before we get ourselves concerned that your sewer system is in need of a major overhaul, contact us. We’ll do a sewer camera inspection to assess your entire sewer system and see where the potential damage will be coming from.
This is a great preventative service that can save you thousands in the long run because we’ll be able to discover any problems early on. We actually attach a waterproof camera and investigate your entire sewer system.
At the same time, we offer recommendations of what needs to be done now versus what may happen in the future if it’s not done. There’s nothing worse than ignoring a problem, that ends up affecting the entire sewer line. Remember that line extends away from your home and can cause damage or unpleasant issues anywhere along your property line in West Hollywood.

Gas Leak Repair

Just to make you feel that you have one of the most well-rounded plumbing partners in West Hollywood, we also help you fix your gas leak repairs. This is one of those situations where you don’t wait to get it fixed, and should be considered an emergency if you have any issue with your gas line or system.
This includes your gas line being open but no gas is coming in. Let us use our expertise and experience to properly assess the situation and perform the necessary repairs as needed. This can help prevent a major issue down the line that can cause harm to you or your loved ones in the future.
Again as with all of our services, the more often that you reach out to us, the lower your overall costs will be because we’ll be handling routine maintenance and repairs, versus complete overhauls of your plumbing system, which can get quite pricy for anyone in the West Hollywood area. Going forward, consider us your partner in keeping certain parts of your home in tip-top shape.

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Why Choose West Hollywood Plumbing?

We have an extensive amount of experience in all things related to plumbing, and trust us when we tell you, we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s a standard maintenance call or an emergency, we cover the West Hollywood and Los Angeles area for all those plumbing needs.

After contacting us via our site or giving us a call, we’re usually able to tell you pretty quickly when we can get over there and provide an estimate and time frame to handle your issue. We do our best to get in and out of your space as quickly as possible with you being satisfied and removing that stress that comes with handling plumbing maintenance and repairs.

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